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Since 1980, April 1 has been Ron Donohue Day in Lincoln Park and in the hearts of dozens of Winter Campers.

The Story

Ron Donohue saved another Scout's life on the Rifle River. The canoe they were traveling in tipped and the younger Scout was swept downstream and trapped under a branch. Ron pulled him out, not realizing he had been drowning.

When the Scout returned home he spoke with his mother who contacted the Scoutmaster. Eventually Ron was awarded the Medal of Merit by the National Office.

Ron's achievement did not go unnoticed and he was invited to a large number of civic organizations to be recognized, culminating on March 31, 1980 when he appeared at the Lincoln Park City Council meeting.

As part of their recognition of his achievement, they declared that the following day would be Ron Donohue Day.

We're not sure if they realized what the next day was, but the announcment at Lincoln Park High School on April 1 that it was Ron Donohue Day was well received.

No, we don't know if they really meant it to be in perpetuity, but for us, the answer is yes.

If you got here from wintercamp.com, don't worry, it'll be back after Ron Donohue Day.